Presses for Advanced Ceramics
Due to a variety of control functions LAEIS ALPHA and OMEGA type presses offer a wide range of possible applications in the field of advanced ceramics. The very fine materials mostly applied there require special measures regarding mould design as well as material feeding and mould filling. The application of vacuum pressing technology allows a compaction of powders to green bodies with a very high and uniform density, without lamination or cracks, even if tehy are difficult to compact and have low bulk densities. The resulting high compaction factor partially requires increased filling depth.

By setting suitable pressing parameters it is possible to produce even complex geometries with high and especially with uniform compaction, for example plates with an extremely high aspect ratio (like large sputtering targets with a size of 1100 x 420 mm² for PVD plants; the green strength of those sputtering targets still ensures a smooth handling, even with a plate thickness of 8 – 10 mm only). Various examples showed that the properties of uniaxially pressed oxide and non-oxide ceramic green bodies were definitely comparable to those pressed on isostatic presses, at the same time featuring much better dimensional accuracy, acutance and a considerably increased output. Compared to alternative shaping technology such as casting (including pressure casting and injection moulding) the dry pressing technology offers the advantage of a considerably lower addition of organic additives and liquids, which significantly facilitates the subsequent drying and sintering processes.

Even complex geometries can be realized through suitable adaptations of the pressing technology and mould design. For some special advanced ceramic products also type HPF presses are applied (e.g. if a filling depth > 120 mm is required).

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