Press Accessories
Press Accessories
Modular Supplement for All Requirements
The cost-benefit relation of a press is not only determined by the purchase price itself. With useful accessories it is possible to considerably enlarge the production capacity and/or the product range and thus increase the economic efficiency. Already the standard design of all LAEIS presses fulfils the demands of the hard daily production. Their outstanding properties are reliability, flexibility and a high degree of automation.

Depending on the requirements of a specific application or upon customer’s request, a wide range of accessories is available, whereas the use of individual accessories may also depend on the applied press. With suitable accessories it is possible to reduce idle times, additional technical functionalities are made available, service and maintenance is being facilitated or safety and comfort are improved. Even the most difficult and complex shaping tasks can thus be solved.

For completing a plant the following equipment can be added:

material feeding
  material disintegrator
  charger box mixer (round, oval or in special design)
  quick-change of charger box mixer
  counter weight - charger

gravimetric mould filling unit

material feeding unit heated / unheated
mould filling for multi-component systems


double filling unit

additional charger for second material
mould and mould change

filling table height adjustment

mould lifting, one or two-fold

mould changing car

mould fixing and changing system HYDROFAST

mould changing brackets

mould heating (mould frame and/or wearing sheet)

hardened wearing sheet for especially strong wearing press bodies

cleaning device for press dies

magnet bracket for die plate

hydraulic or mechanic mould frame buffering

controlled ejection
product off-bearing

oil spraying aggregate

vacuum off-bearing unit

special design of product off-bearing, e.g. rotary, vacuum or toothed gripper

off-bearing units (belt, roller path, lifting table ….) 
technical additional functions

vacuum pressing unit for pressing mixes difficult to compact

pin pulling device e.g. for the production of nozzles, hollow cylindrical shapes etc.

reinforced ejection by means of auxiliary cylinder or by means of multi (300 bar)

upper die ring shifting

hydraulic upper die buffering

twinset control

prodata for the acquisition of production data, quality control and assurance

telediagnosis (modem, internet)

programming unit
safety and comfort

noise encapsulation

encapsulation for operation with inert gas

air conditioner

oil/air cooler

oil filtering and pumping-over aggregate

special installation of the hydraulic aggregate / press (in case of limited available space or for better accessibility)
Press Accessories

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