LAEIS offers the right solution for the most varied industries and applications


For decades LAEIS HPF type presses have been defining the state of technology regarding the production of most of shaped refractory products. They convince through their reliability, flexibility and their high degree of automation. Thus they are the most used presses for high quality refractory products in all sizes, shapes and compositions worldwide. Their double pressure pressing principle with controlled mould frame movement, the so-called “active mould frame”, ensures optimum compaction and a uniform density distribution in spite of a low installation height (no extensive press pit required).

Salt Products

Worldwide LAEIS presses produce the majority of salt licks in various qualities and shapes. An optimum material selection and suitable coatings allow for a trouble-free production even with highly corrosive salt, also for the production of blocks and tablets for water softening.

Technical Ceramics

Due to a variety of control functions LAEIS ALPHA and OMEGA type presses offer a wide range of possible applications in the field of advanced ceramics. The very fine materials mostly applied there require special measures regarding mould design as well as material feeding and mould filling. The application of vacuum pressing technology allows a compaction of powders to green bodies with a very high and uniform density, without lamination or cracks, even if tehy are difficult to compact and have low bulk densities. The resulting high compaction factor partially requires increased filling depth.

Carbon Products

Several types of LAEIS presses are available for carbon-based products, for flat products such as bipolar plates for fuel cells as well as for large-sized carbon blocks as semi-finished products and finally for extreme shapes like anodes for aluminium smelters.

Other applications

LAEIS is constantly trying to provide the press technology know-how, gathered in a wide range of application, for new fields of application. One of these applications is the wide field of environmental protection technologies where a large spectrum of residues can be recycled after a suitable compaction. But also in other areas, such as the chemical industry, power engineering etc., more and more potential fields of application for our presses come up. Here, basically all available LAEIS presses can be applied and for new applications additional press modifications or new developments can be envisaged.

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