Automation systems

Integrated Solutions

The automation of production processes, including information and material flow, offers the chance to achieve enormous cost savings and thus competitive advantages in the production. LAEIS, a worldwide leading supplier of machines and plant equipment is offering automation units for the refractory industry and other fields since 25 years.

Focal points of our handling and automation systems are, on the one hand, the gripping systems, directly allocated to the press, for off-bearing the shaped products from the press (vacuum or mechanic gripping systems, mostly with linear or portal robots, even in complex design, e.g. as rotary picker). On the other side, there are systems arranged downstream of the press, e.g. for kiln car loading, which are mostly designed on the basis of freely-programmable articulated robots with special picker systems. Furthermore belonging to this segment are packaging and palletizing units in all possible designs as well as labelling systems and many more.

In order to ensure an optimum efficiency of our systems, we use highly-developed industrial robots, intelligent picker systems, tailor-made peripheral units, ergonomic software tools for graphic interactive off-line programming and innovative automation controls.

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