R & D Skills

ALPHA CERAMICS employs top educated ceramic engineers and other members of staff having own industrial experience as well as a broad expert knowledge based on many successfully conducted developments. These skills and experiences are applied for product development, process development and optimization tasks.
The emphasis of devlopments executed at ALPHA CERAMICS is positively on the application-oriented side. Due to the constant contact with corresponding university instituts and other R&D institutions, however, new basic research developments are being integrated continuously.



Product Development

Products are being developed and optimized mainly in direct cooperation with customers, but also on our own responsibility. Top fields of application are refractories, kiln furnitures and other areas of ceramics. However, ALPHA CERAMICS is also successfully engaged in related industries like glass industry, building materials industry and especially in various fields of environmental technologies.

The services cover characterization and selection of starting materials, recipe formulation, selection and optimization of suitable processes for the individual production steps up to product characterization

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Process Development & Optimization

Activities regarding process development and process optimization are carried out by order of and in close cooperation either with suppliers of the related plant components or their customers, the end-users of the plant. In the former case, the focus is on cooperation with our parent company LAEIS and also with the other TEAM by Sacmi companies, but is not limited to them. In the latter case, the scope of services ranges from development of optimum process technology for a new product and adaption of existing processes to new requirements up to troubleshooting in operating plants.

The spectrum offered by ALPHA CERAMICS covers the whole process chain of a typical ceramic production with body preparation, shaping, thermal treatment and quality control as the most important steps.

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