ALPHA CERAMICS GmbH in Aachen is a 100 % subsidiary of LAEIS, serving as our technical center and test center, where customer related tests as well as development work in process and machine technology are carried out. Our experienced staff and their extensive machinery equipment is also available to third parties for R&D work, small series manufacturing or toll production up to a certain extent.

Product Range


R & D Skills

Products are being developed and optimized mainly in direct cooperation with customers, but also on our own responsibility. Top fields of application are refractories, kiln furnitures and other areas of ceramics. However, ALPHA CERAMICS is also successfully engaged in related industries like glass industry, building materials industry and especially in various fields of environmental technologies.



The demands on kiln furnitures for high temperature loads have been ever increasing during the last years, due to progressive optimization of the application processes. Especially in the expanding segment of kiln furnitures for advanced ceramics, the requirements for application temperature, cycle time, number of firing cycles, energy consumption and general quality standards have been raised enormously. This causes the need for specific adaptations of materials and products.


Toll Production

The machinery for material preparation, shaping and thermal treatment at ALPHA CERAMICS is available also for a direct toll production for our customers. This provides the possibility to supply products for a limited time, e.g. for testing the market acceptance or to bridge the time until an own production plant can be put in operation. Products which are permanently required only in small lots and for which a separate production plant would not be economically, can be supplied recurrently on call order.

Management & Staff

Management & Staff

Managing Director: Ralph Lutz
Technical Manager: Robert Kremer
Production Manager: Roel van Loo
Administration: Jutta Schmidt

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