Toll production

The machinery for material preparation, shaping and thermal treatment at ALPHA CERAMICS is available also for a direct toll production for our customers. This provides the possibility to supply products for a limited time, e.g. for testing the market acceptance or to bridge the time until an own production plant can be put in operation. Products which are permanently required only in small lots and for which a separate production plant would not be economically, can be supplied recurrently on call order


Machinery Equipment


Body preparation

ALPHA CERAMICS offers the possibility to spray dry your materials such as alumina, zirconia, AlTiO5, raw material for sputtering targets, tiles bodies and others. For this purpose we have an industrial spray dryer with an evaporation capacity of 180 l/h. Various crushing and grinding machines including wet ball mills, a pearl mill as well as intensive mixers of different sizes are available for material preparation



Uniaxial pressing of powder, granulates and bodies is the most applied shaping technology in many areas of the ceramic industry. ALPHA CERAMICS offer the possibility to evaluate the optimum pressing parameters for your product and the respective task as well as to press the product to a certain extent for you using various laboratory presses, modified LAEIS tile presses of type Alpha 800 and Alpha 1500 and a LAEIS refractory press of type HPF 630


Thermal treatment

ALPHA CERAMICS offer also the thermal treatment. This includes drying and firing of silicate ceramic and oxide ceramic products which have been shaped in our company or green products supplied directly by the customer.
Different aggregates are available for the thermal treatment. Various laboratory dryers and kilns, a climate regulated large volume chamber dryer up to different chamber kilns and a combination of roller dryer / roller kiln. Firing temperatures up to approx. 1700 °C can be realized



In close cooperation with the division "ceramic process engineering" of the Chair of Ceramics and Refractory Materials of the Aachen University (RWTH), laboratory tests are transferred into industrial scale. Furthermore, also existing process routes are analysed in order to improve product quality and reduce production costs. Another important aspect of this cooperation is the support of students by offering student seminar papers and diploma theses in cooperation with industrial partners

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